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PRESence Assessment

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Welcome to Ariel's Online Leadership Presence Self-Assessment 

Prior to attending a coaching session or workshop with Ariel, we ask our clients to reflect on their own Leadership Presence. We encourage you to consider your own abilities in this area and to help you we have created this simple, online self-assessment tool.

To obtain a preliminary measure of your personal Leadership Presence, please complete the following questionnaire. You will receive a confidential, baseline report that will help guide you as you work to enhance your skills.

Central to Ariel's work is our unique Leadership Presence model, also known as the "PRES" Model. As Belle Halpern and Kathy Lubar write in Leadership Presence, effective leaders have mastered the following qualities:

You may take this assessment for yourself, or for your team. For team assessments, answer the questions as well as you can, taking your team into consideration.